Fashionable Activewear 

Sports- and Activewear can be so much more fashionable, without following the Fast Fashion industry.
Luxury activewear which can be worn on a bike ride, at the beach and definitely during all kinds of sports.
You look elegant because the chosen fabrics aren’t mainstream and are all recycled or regenerated, yet functional sportswear fabrics.
You’re workout will be more easily to accomplish!

Make a contribution 

Fashion is about our planet, because it is one of the biggest polluters. That is shocking. Fashion has to change dramatically and fast to help save the planet, our environment. As a business and as people we all have to take care of ourselves, our children and grantchildren, that is why we have an obligation to our nature, planet. That is why we only use recycled, regenerated or biodegradable fabrics. We choose only certified fabrics, just to be absolutely sure it is what we say it is.
We live by the Code of Conduct, because we value our clothes, the people who make it, the planet. Because we believe fashion is about people, about ethics. So, absolutely NO child labour and fair pay.

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About Dorien

Evou was founded by Dorien in 2011.
“I was a sport addict and at a young age I never realised that sportswear was designed for the happy few young athletes. When I started noticing, my eyes got opened; there were no activewear articles that are fashionable with a good fit for every beautiful woman. No sportswear to give you energy because you feel great in it. How is that possible? That is when I started designing Evou. 

But as fashion is a huge polluter; so how can I add an activewear brand without damaging the earth? I’ve got kids to think of. I started small with a few recycled fabrics. There wasn’t much of a choice. Thankfully there is now and Evou is fully recycled, not only the fabric, but also the thread and packages. That is the only way to build a new brand.”

Dorien still loves all kinds of sports. Mostly you can find her on her bike, for a run, a hike and in winters on her skies. But the most important part of her live is her family. She likes to spend time outside with her kids and go out for a great conversation over diner with friends.